Statistics of UAW

Charlie : The main cover team of UAW with Commander Connor and

Sergeant Major Anya (Absent) with a major planning.Even extra armor are being used which can protect Dragunov Sniper Rifle 10 times.This team always uses MP99 & GT3. This type of suspicious weapons are ranked first all over the world.Charlie has only 2 soldiers.

Alpha : The highly detonator included backup team. Lieutenant Marcus’s

orders are followed here even Captain Rex and other soldier in backup time.Alpha team has 5 soldiers with Marcus.

Black Hawk : Bradley, UAW ‘s Highly technique attained jet soldier. In

the backup & all extraction point are managed by Lieutenant Bradley. Jet driver & 2 more soldiers are used here to backup the force.

Anya : Absent sergeant Major.The ultimate accomplished

soldier.Acts wisely in every step.Map activator & Computer specialist. UAW  soldier’s step through with her second’s command. She is now in prison.

Connor : General of UAW . Skilled heavily in MI6 & MM99. All bomb

diffusion programmer enlisted. Soldier;s movement trainer & coverer.

Rex       :  Captain, Attained gold medals in shooting. Competitive skilled grade high. Uses UM-5f. Locate Enemies and engage is a time of second.

Jones      : Second Lieutenant Bones specialized. Gold medal in Sniper RDT-63. Kill grade high as 35 enemy killed in 1 minute.

Bradley  : Lieutenant.The great one of all air ship soldier. Extraction

main leader and “Black Hawk” goes with his order.Any cover he can survive.

High Machine Gun NT-965 user. Concentrate on the enemy and


Ezio       : Soldier of high concentration. Sergeant Ezio is follower of

Captain Rex. Uses Spas 12 & Ak-47.

Marcus   : The Commander of great backup Alpha. Lieutenant

Marcus’s great weapon is Binocular. Shooting practice report says,

“Anyone can be dead-showed in his binocular”.

Drake     : One of the most valuable gold medalist soldier in report. Uses

Silenced Pistol with Zoom function. Even Ak-47 & M29 (Bazooka).







full Identification

  1. midan_sae says:

    Josh guy !
    What is this ?

  2. Michael says:

    hey !
    I wanna join here.

  3. Sebastian says:

    Another valet tied on !

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