Mission 1 : Rapprochement

21 July, 2010.

Xbox   5:21 am….

(Keeping eyes on map- General Connor & Major Rex)

Connor :


Rex, ya see that….? That’s’ the house where Anya is kept. There are too many soldiers. You can’t mess with them alone.

(Command) Everyone keep your Eyes on focus!

Jones, you’ll stay with Rex. And Ezio, when Rex will open the gate, You must go through the Barrack hall with “Alpha”. And Drake will clear the “watch tower” carefully.

Everyone :All done!

Rex : But General, where are you leading? Stay secure. We’ll clear our way.

Connor : Best of luck guys. (Command) Everyone get ready. Rex, open the gate.

Rex : Follow my lead……

Ezio     : General, I hold my position. Alpha “is just behind me. Now what?

Connor : Stay there until the alarm raised. The soldiers will be out then.

You must chase them. Now Rex, look your left. A hall room, but huge. Go to the back, a door. Open, and enter through it.

Drake : General, The watch tower’s are empty ,I’m on the watch tower,3rd middle from left.

Connor : I know that. Drake, to the east- 7 soldiers are on guard.

Mess with them, and then stay there. Now Rex, don’t think the hall room is safe. There are 11 cameras set. Jones, you must use circuit to shut them down. Or, you both can be felt in trap.

Jones   : But where’s the circuit?

Connor : Every small door you open, there’s a camera will be visible.

So, first opening the gate, a lock is just beside the small door and the password is yours. You’ll hack……

Jones   : Don’t worry General. That’s why I’m here.

Connor : Okay guys! Clear the hall room. I don’t know what is inside of that.

So, be careful.

Rex    : General, where are you & who are with you?

Connor : I’m with Bradley.

We’re waiting. After clearing this area and then a Runway, you’ll see us.

Rex     : Jones, may be it’s the first locker. Keep it on.

Jones  : I’m trying dude. Just watch it.





Xbox   6:03 am….

Rex      : oh! You’re so genius Jones. Let’s move on.

Jones  : Rex, silent. Can you hear something?

May be some soldiers coming…. Take your position.

(Gun’s sound)

Rex : General, 5 soldiers are just got down. Can you warn what’s waiting for….?

Connor : Just go in. Make it clear. This hall room & Barracks are the main base of NAVY.

But clear these first. Then we all lead to the main auditorium.That means where Anya is staying.

Rex       : ok, we’re going in….



Xbox   6:21 am….

Marcus  : General, we messed with them. Now what to do?

Connor  : wait. Rex and Jones are in the hall room. So, go there for help.

Marcus : Ok General.

(Command) Alpha, follow me. Ezio, go to the back of hall, find Rex-Jones

and cover them. I’ll be here for further order.

Ezio     : Ok sir.

Connor : Hey Marcus. There’s main gate can you see?

Marcus : Yeah, then….?

Connor  : You wait there and there’s a button to open.

An order you’ll receive to enter .So, get ready.

Ezio      : Rex, I’m on the move. I’ve found 5 dead bodies.

But there’s two ways to go. In which way I can find you ?

Rex       : I’m in right & Jones went to left.The two ways lead to the hall room.

It’s an order to make it clear. I don’t need cover. Go to Jones.

Ezio : ok. Jones, where are you?

Jones  : come through left. A computer room, I’m here.

Ezio      : I’ve seen you.

Jones   : Ezio, this computer is about to shut all cameras down.

Try it to do so.

I’m searching the location where Captain is….?



Xbox   6:21 am….

Ezio     : Jones, that’s tuff. It requires password.

Jones  : Try-Navy859930. Look to the computer ID, it’s that.

Ezio      : oh accessed! That’s really weird.

Rex      : Jones-Ezio, I’m just end of my way.

Here’s many soldiers in the hall room.

May be 60-70.Do you think we can mess with them?

Ezio     : Wait, we’re coming. Hey Jones, did you find the location?

Jones  : That’s full of waste memories. We shall go now.



Xbox   6:27 am….

Jones  : Rex, I arrived. Can you see ya? We’ve to talk with General.

General, we’re in trouble. There are about 70 soldiers. Now ?

Connor : ok. When I’ll command to fire, just do quickly.

Alpha, enter through….

Marcus  : General, we’ve entered. Jones, Rex, Ezio can you see us?

Just look front gate.

Rex     : Nice to see you officer.

Marcus : (To Alpha) soldiers, hold your position.

Connor  : (shout) Hold your fire. 3, 2, 1 fire….



Xbox   6:57 am….

Rex : Clear General.

Connor : Come outside. And Marcus, set 2 C4 and detonate when in Runway.

Drake, come out. Everyone is outside now.

Rex : Hey Drake, You’re here? Good to see you ya.

Drake   : Marcus, use you to clear our next way.

And Jones, keep your eyes in zoom. No one should be there.

Marcus : Jones, my weapon can’t move so far. Please we need you to train

your sniper.

Jones    : ok, all clear. Marcus, go there for making sure the control of the

place is yours.



Xbox   7:21 am….

Marcus : General, runway is under control. You may come.

Ezio, Jones and Rex, we confirmed. Come!

(After extraction)

Connor : Bradley, stay on the dale. Anytime for air-cover.

Hello soldiers, nice to see you all again.

Rex       : General, the west side building was trying to connect to the hall

room computer.

Connor : Now the plan. There are 4 storied buildings inside the main

auditorium. And 1 of it, Anya is located. Ezio, come with me. We’ll secure the east building. Jones-Rex, you’ll clear the north 1. And Drake will stay with Marcus and his team, clear the ammo-building.

We’ll see all again. Bye soldiers.

Jones  : General, any problem, just commands us.

Rex, now the time approached, about our captain. She’s in trouble.

Rex     : Ya Jones. She is some kind of secret to us.

Her rescue is recommended.

Jones  : Let’s roll on them….

Rex      : Ya!



Xbox   7:48 am….

Ezio      : General, this computer says that Anya is in the south warehouse.

But, the alarm has raised.

Connor : Bradley, can you hear me? Quick! Quick!

Come to the main building. Rex and Jones, out of it. Anya is in the south warehouse. They’ve been warned.

Rex     : ok General. Jones, we’ve to get out of here so fast.

Captain is in the south building.

Drake  : General, I with Alpha officer Marcus is waiting for you front of

the south warehouse main gate. We’re trying to open the lock but it’s a major problem for now.

Bradley : General, I’m taking a view. Looks like two air-ships is coming

through here.

Connor : Give them a pull shot immediately as an order.



Xbox   8:05 am….

(General with UAW is standing before the south building)

Connor : Jones, open the door quickly. Rex and you enter there.

We’ll be here. But remind, your focus just help you always….




Rex     : General, we’ve passed warehouse and entering a underway.

It’s dark.

Connor : Move on, Ezio is just behind you keeping a bit distance.

NAVY off. : Hands up! Or, we’ll shoot. Don’t try to move.

Ezio   : General, Rex-Jones arrested. They have Anya. I’m running out.

(Ezio running…. NAVY shot….)

Connor : Ezio! Ezio! Oh god, Ezio is down.

Marcus and Drake, wait here until I call. I’m going in….

NAVY off. : Soldiers, get ready to fire…. 3, 2, 1….

(Shout) Fire….

(shot down)

Oh god.

Connor : Officer, you’ll couldn’t make it and never for mine.

Anya    : Oh Connor! I thought Rex-Jones got died, If you’d come in time.

RexJones : Thanks General.

Connor  : Jones, watch Ezio. He’s down over there.

Jones     : General, Ezio’s 1 leg got injured. But he’s okay.



Xbox   8:39 am….

Drake   : General, Gestapo just arrived here. We’ve to hurry….

We can’t chase them. We need cover. Two of us are got down.

Connor  : Drake, can you hear? Come inside with down soldiers.

Rex is there for you all.

Drake   : Thanks General.

Rex       : Drake and officer, get them into warehouse. I’m taking cover.


(Leaving Rex, Alpha team officer and Drake entered into the warehouse)

Drake  : General, what should we do now….?

Connor  : Don’t worry; this underground is leading way to the end of this


Marcus use the proximity in 3 points and Drake, set up 2 C4 on the starting way in order to protect us.

Drake  : Captain, take this weapon. And General, Marcus and me did well as


Connor  : Drake, where is Rex?

Rex       : General, they’re heading here and will be in shortly.

Take them away.

Connor  : Drake, make sure Anya is safe after getting on helicopter.

Go! Go! Go!

Anya   : Connor! Don’t stay this time, please come with me.

Connor  : No Anya! I can’t leave Rex alone.

Rex      : You should run now. Something is going to be happened.

(Proximity destroyed)

General, go!

Connor  : Run everyone. Drake, give me the detonator. And take them in

secure area.Bradley is outside the underground.

Drake    : Ya! I’m taking them….

Rex      : General, please I’m requesting you to go with Anya.

Connor  : Run Drake. Rex, you don’t know something.

Everyone is not like anyone.Take this armor, Anya’s.

Rex        : But you….?

Connor  : I’ve mine.

Bradley : General, everyone is in helicopter. You must run now with Rex.

Connor  : Over Bradley! Now Rex, run. I’ll detonate the C4.

(Shout) Run….

(C4 detonated, everyone is escaped)



Xbox   10:30 am….

Connor  : Anya, welcome to our land again….

Mission successful !


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