Project UAW : Death Blow

Connor,Rex,Ezio and Jones,The student ofAzizul Haque College,Bogra. Last year, Fazlul Haque (Second Principal) made them fail in the final exam. and reported very bad in comment.But the true was false, the whole reason was about to deny the proposal of money. Connor got furious as he wasn’t meant to be or not thought to be than ever.He seek some furtive for him to help. But he found some of them whom he wanted.Another victim….

Connor,Rex,Ezio,Jones and Anya. Connor and his team were trying to get some skill in several weapon. They did a little bit of that. Then they named them as

UAW (Ulterior Abduction of Wraith). And The Project goes on as Death Blow.

UAW  attempt in their 1st war-cry.As General Connor,Captain Rex,Sergeant Major Anya,Sergeant Ezio and Second Lieutenant Jones wanted to engage the opponent Commander Fazlul that his survival is no more in this existence.But the 2nd in command Shahjahan got prepared for this plan. He warned commander & they wanted help from Gestapo. In this case, The opponent commander was very known in his black business as smuggler.For that, the Gestapo came forward to help him. But it wasn’t so far to warn the UAW .  Connor,Rex,Ezio,Jones fell into a trap.The Gestapo took them to prison of overall security. And this system is all about of the German Government.

Gestapo decided to take them in gallows.The prisoner thought that it was the last time to see this world. At that moment, “Charlie” the main cover of UAW  arrived their with Sergeant Major Anya.The Charlie team first rescued the main force of UAW , and then UAW  got heavily armored.They defeated Gestapo and they stole a jet. UAW  Then headed to dale for their extraction and filling up their lost.After a successful extraction and returning to the main valley of UAW , The main problem reached over. The German NAVY marked their jet as dacoit and sent their force to eliminate jet. They did so. UAW  crashed and their jet team died. But Sergeant Major Anya was arrested by NAVY, and the other were gone down to the sea to hide themselves.

After a miserable time they returned to the dale but nothing were found,even Anya.UAW  hit upon a plan. They went through east forest and reached Dublin. But the nature was really weird.There was a ship came with visitors for visiting Dublin. General was in a moment without help of Anya that the location they were seeking, UAW  wanted to go. With a heavy half-dead time,they reached in their destination Bangladesh.

When they arrived, they found 3 more victims.Bradley,Marcus and Drake. With a past planning programmed, they acquired more skill in weapons and fighting technique.

And then the battle began….

Mission 1 : Rapprochement

Project UAW : Death Blow (Full Statistics)