Shane Filan

Full Name: Shane Steven Filan
Date of birth: 5th July 1979,
12:34 pm
Star sign: Cancer
Place of birth: Sligo, Ireland

School: Summer Hill College, Sligo
Where do you live now:
Sligo / on the road with band
Height: 5ft 8
Colour of eyes:
Hazel green
Any tattoos: No
Scars/marks: No
Leg Measurement
: 32
Chest : 38
Shoe size:
Family: parents Peter and Mae, three brothers: Finbarr (30), Peter
(29), Liam (27), three sisters: Yvonne (28), Denise (23), Mairead
Previous Jobs: Hardware store
Singing since: A


Describe yourself in three words: Level-headed,
generous, romantic
Rule of Life: “You only live once, so live a good
Phrase that you use often: You know what I mean
If you
were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?
a horse
Very big with swimming pool


Hobbies: Horse riding, snooker, pitch and
Instrument: Guitar
Likes: Sleeping, shopping, hot
weather, girls, going out with his friends, horses (his family have a lot to do
with the world of horses) and singing
Dislikes: Insects, rude people,
Worst class(es): Science
Best class(es): English/Maths

Fave sport(s): Soccer, horse riding
Fave actor: Tom Cruise

Fave actress: Catherine Zeta Jones
Fave male singer:
George Michael
Fave female singer: Mariah Carey
Most like to
Michael Jackson
Hero: Michael Jackson
Who Would You
Have A One 2 One With?
Michael Jackson
Most Impressive Person You’ve
Ever Met:
Mother Teresa
Best movie ever: Titanic
Corn Flakes
Fave food: Spaghetti, Mum’s cooking, steak
and chips
Worst food: sushi
Fave soft drink: Coca Cola

McDonalds or Burger King: Both
Fave place to chill: At
Fave place to visit: Tenerife
Fave football team:
Fave perfume, men’s: Polo / Sport
Fave perfume,
Beautiful / Chloe
Fave clothes: Long sleeved
Fave designer: Dolce and Gabbana
Fave colour:
Fave book: Anything by W.B.Yeats
Fave song: I Believe
I can Fly by R Kelly, Take That – Back For Good
Fave WL song: What I
want Is What I’ve Got
First record bought: Uptown Girl – Billy
First concert: Status Quo in Sligo
U2 or B*Witched: U2

BSB or Boyzone: Both


Blondes or brunettes: either
Cute, cuddly and one who loves me
Have a girlfriend: Shane
is married to his childhood sweetheart, Gillian Walsh (Kian’s cousin). Shane and
Gillian were married at at Ballintubber Abbey on 28 December 2003. Read
more about Shane and Gillian’s wedding
. Shane and Gillian have one child,
Nicole Rose, who was born on 23 July 2005.
Before dating Gillian, Shane was
previously rumoured to be going out with Natasha from Atomic Kitten.
first kiss
: he can’t rightly remember the first one but was kissing lots of
girls in his teens- and his memory gets a little cloudy with names!
Too many to mention
Romantic move (eg. flowers): Buy a
lot of balloons for her bedroom


“I’m young, free and single. So if there’s anyone out there!
Seriously it is very hard to have girlfriends as we are away so much – that’s
the reality of it and it’s going to be worse before it gets better.”
– Shane on having girlfriends in the business

“I felt weird – I was dead paranoid about it. I thought, ‘Is
everyone staring at me, is it obvious?'”

Shane on having to wear make-up

“I used
to have a toy cat called Kitty. It wasn’t a pink cat but it wasn’t a black cat
either if you know what i mean. It was something a girl would definitely have
had. I’d hide him under the bed when my friends came round.”

“I was
caught speeding past a hospital doing 47 mph in a 30mph zone. There were four of
us in the car and it was just after I passed my test. We were on our way to the
Irish trials for rugby and we were late so on the bigger roads I was probably
going a lot faster. Luckily the cop loved rugby so he let me off although he
wasn’t too happy with my dodgy number plate.”

“I went away for a
three-day rugby tournament and I forgot all my boxer shorts. We were in the
middle of nowhere and I had to wear the same pair day in, day in, day out, even
during the matches. They smelt after a while!”

“My perfect day off would
be home in Sligo, somewhere peaceful where I’d be able to chill out, then go up
to the land and see the horses!!”

“Boxer shorts, or sometimes nothing,
but usually boxer shorts…”
– on what he
wears in bed

“Ronan’s a lovely guy, but don’t disturb him when
he’s tired – you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!”
– Shane on their pop star manager

“All the time, the worst thing is that my dad and
my family have a restaurant. it’s like my house is open to the public. Girls
just walk in and sit there all day..they’ll have a cup of tea for like, 10
– Shane on whether fans come to his

“Mum and Dad have lived above the
family fish and chip restaurant in Sligo for 32 years. I’ve promised them a
house in the country.”

“I ride horses.”
– on what he does when he’s not performing

“About 70 per cent of the girls who talk to us are
only interested in the band and our money. We could take advantage but it is not
our style. It makes you very cynical about people.”
Shane on the problems of
being single, famous, and in a band…

“The worst thing is if I’m with a
girl and I realize she doesn’t give a s**t about me or my feelings. They just
want to go out to fancy clubs, get free drinks and show me off. I’ve met a few
girls and now I can tell straight away. I know within five minutes if she’s
doing it because she wants be with a Westlife person or is chatting to me for

“My whole world changed when Michael Jackson brought out the Bad
album when I was about eight or nine. He took over my whole life and from then
on I wanted to be Michael Jackson. I watched his videos for hours and learned
how to dance like him. I would push back the chairs in the room and learn his
dance moves. I even taught myself to moonwalk.”

“Sometimes Shane doesn’t
listen to you. He stares into space while you’re going, ‘Shane. Shane. SHANE!’
then he goes, ‘WHAT!?’ That’s annoying.”

Mark on Shane’s most annoying habit

always cry when I leave my mum, because I hate seeing her face when I go. I know
she’s going to start crying — I can see the tears building up, it’s like she’s
holding a river in her eyes. We’re really close.”

Mark on Shane: “He can
be quite serious at times and he switches off”

Did You Know…?

Shane suffers from a knee injury he got 3 years ago
from falling off a horse. He has to dance through routines with Westlife which
makes the knee sore. He says “it’s 90% better, it’s not too bad!”

Shane’s ‘Spice Girl’ nickname was “Country Spice” because of all the
horses that his family owns!

Shane family have 40 horses, they all have
the first name Carlton after the family restaurant, Carlton Café. Shane’s
favourite is called Carlton Flight.

Shane’s parents gave him a horse for
his 21st birthday, Shane called it Carlton Clover

It was Shane’s mum Mae
who originally got in touch with Louis Walsh to try and persuade him to get
involved with Westlife!

Shane wasn’t too much trouble at school and he
always talked his way out of everything. He had a charm with the teachers and
admits that his school days were the best days of his life! He wanted to get out
of school like Bryan but now he actually misses that he’s gone!

hates rats, tarantulas and all spiders!

His scariest moment was when he
was younger and he was kicked in the head by a horse. He said it wasn’t too bad
cos it was a small pony and didn’t get him right. But it happened really quickly
and Shane didn’t know where he was cos he was so dazed afterwards!

is getting a new house built for his family which should be finished later this

The first time Shane rang Louis Walsh he was on the loo!

He loves singing in the shower

Shane never answers questions
about sex in interviews

The best place Shane says he’s ever been to is
Sydney, Australia

He reckons his triceps are flabby!

favorite subject at school was English language

One of his biggest
ambitions is to meet Michael Jackson

Shane is godfather to his nephew

He says his hands are his fave part of his body

His fave
colour is black

If Shane wasn’t in Westlife, he would be studying

The rest of the lads reckon Shane has the worst fashion

Shane always wears black socks

He has a scar on his head
from when he fell over as a kid

His fave Westlife song is Fool Again.

He belives in aliens

Shane’s fave smell is Hugo Boss

bought a Jeep for his 21st birthday!


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