Caroline Campbell

Name: Caroline Campbell

Birthday: 10th November

Place of residence: South coast of England, UK.

Hobbies: Running, dancing, clubbing, rocking out on my guitars

Musical background: A level music, 12 years as a touring muso

Equipment: Roland Fantom G8

Idols in Music: Jeff Beck, Paul Gilbert, Tori Amos

Best CoF show so far: New York, Best Buy Theatre

Fave CoF song to perform: Her Ghost In The Fog

How do you kill time on tour: Sightseeing, shopping, eating out and exploring the local bars

Strangest experience on tour: Watching a huge outdoor stage be assembled from wooden sticks in India, amidst cows and wild dogs.


Place you would like to visit: Hawaii

Your top 5 albums: Metallica – Master Of Puppets
ACDC – Let There Be Rock
Slayer – Hell Awaits
Soundgarden – Superunknown
Thin Lizzy – Live And Dangerous

Fave film: Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom.

Fave book: Optimum Nutrition Bible

Fave food/drink: Steak and Ale pie / large glass of Pinot Grigio


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