Henkka Seppälä

Henri Samuli Seppälä (Born June 7, 1980), better known as Henkka T. Blacksmith, is the bassist of the Finnish metal band Children of Bodom. Henkka is responsible for backing vocals both on studio and live.

Henkka is a very common nickname for Henri and seppä means blacksmith in English. The reason he has a T. in the middle of his name is his nickname being Torso.




Place of birth:

Espoo, Finland


Musical favourites and influences:

Down My Throat, The Gathering, Slayer, Faith No More, Suicidal Tendencies, Sepultura, Rise Against Flea

Favourite track on Relentless Reckless Forever:

Shovel Knockout


Favourite solo on Relentless Reckless Forever:

Janne’s solo on Shovel Knockout


Favourite albums of all time:

Sepultura – Arise
Down My Throat – Real Heroes Die
The Gathering – Souvenirs
Entombed – Wolverine Blues
Slayer – Seasons In The Abyss


Favourite drink:

Dry white wine in a pint with a few ice cubes


Freetime back home:

I play Soccer many times a week, I swim a lot, I get drunk with friends, I study Political history and development studies



ESP Custom Basses, at the moment a Black Araya shaped 4 string (34″ neckthru body alder, EMG 35DC pickups) and 5 string “Assault” shaped (34″ neckthru body alder, EMG 40DC pickups), a Viper -shaped custom ESP with some custom graphics and 4 strings, neckthru body alder.

Amplifier is Ampeg SVT3Pro, and cabinet Ampeg 810, I boost my sound with a Super Overdrive pedal or sans amp pre amp.

Own Life

Henkka was born in 1980 in Espoo, Finland. He first started playing guitar at the age of eleven. He got into the heavy metal scene through his brother, who listened to bands such as Slayer and Pantera with his friends. Before that, he had only had contact with glam metal/hard rock bands such as Guns N’ Roses and Poison. As time passed, his interest started leaning towards heavier bands, until in the early 90s he discovered black metal and death metal bands of the likes of Burzum, Dissection and Cannibal Corpse.

He played drums in his first band at the age of 13. The band was called Aivokasvain (Brain Tumour). He was part of the band for two years, and then quit, switching his main instrument to the bass.

When Samuli Miettinen quit Inearthed (the original name of Children of Bodom) in 1996, Henkka joined the band, (asked by lead guitarist and singer, Alexi Laiho) adopting the 5-string bass.

He is the frontman of the band when it comes to interviews and public appearances. Other than the fact that he can speak Finnish, English, Swedish and some Spanish and French, he is also the most equilibrated member of the band, in a general way.

He studies political science and political history in the University of Helsinki when he has time, which is not too often. He is also into sports, and has a passion for (European) football. However, he also enjoys swimming. Henkka is completely dedicated to Children of Bodom, and is the only member who does not have any side-projects. According to him, the most important things in his life are his family and his band.

Henkka T. Blacksmith

Henkka Seppälä at the Ilosaarirock 2009 festival
Background information
Birth name Henri Samuli Seppälä
Also known as Henkka Seppälä
Born June 7, 1980 (age 31)
Espoo, Finland
Genres Melodic death metal
Occupations Musician
Instruments Bass, vocals, guitar, drums
Years active 1995–present
Labels Nuclear Blast, Spinefarm, Century Media
Associated acts Children of Bodom
Website http://www.cobhc.com/

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