Pade Kistler

Born: 1975

Tin & Low Whistles (Burke, Mac Nic), Bagpipes (scottish tuned Bb, medieval pipe tuned Am by Jens Güntzel, gaita galicia tune in C, kaba gaida tuned D), redpipe by

Other bands:

– Branâ Keternâ



– Eluveitie: Everything remains (as it never was)
– Eluveitie: Evocation I – the arcane dominion
– Branâ Keternâ: Jod
favorite music albums:

– Asian Dub Foundation: all
– L’ham de foc: Cor de porc
– System of a down: all
– Rage against the machine: all
– Schildknecht/Dahinden/Schiltknecht: BANN
– Primordial: all
favorite books:

– Tim Krohn: Die Quatemberkinder / Vrenelisgärtli
– Umberto Eco: Das Foucault’sche Pendel
– Bernard Cornwell: The winter king
– Carlos Ruiz Zafon: Schatten des Windes
– Sagen und Legenden des Glarnerlandes


– Climbing, Iceclimbing
– Skimountaineering
– Fire
proud of:

– my older son Ra Myrddin
– my younger son Medru Taranis

– my family:)
– redpipes


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