Kay Brem

Born: 8th of January 1982

Marleaux Bass, Cort Accoustic Bass, Marleaux & Rotosound Strings, Dunlop Pleks, Ashdown amplifier

Favorite music albums:

– Entombed: left hand path
– Johnny Cash: all
– Atheist: all
– Necrophagist: oncet of putrefaction
– Ulver: bergtatt
favorite writers:

– Baudelaire
– Schiller
– Hesse
favorite books:

– Les fleurs du mal
– Schlafes Bruder

favorite movies:

– The pick of destiny
– braveheart

favorite food:

– Pizza
– vegetarische Küche

favorite drinks:

– Cola, Wodka, Kaffee, Milch


– Musik
– Klettern
– Snowboarden
– Tättowieren

– Marleaux Bass Guitars
– Cort Acoustic Guitars
– Rotosound Strings
– Ashdown Amplifiers


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