Chrigel Glanzamnn

Born: 1975

Equipment: Throat/Shure SM58, Mandola (Washburn, Decombe), Tin & Low Whistles (Clarkes), Uilleann Pipes, Gaita, Redpipes (drones by Bert Grieble), Accoustic Guitar, Bodhràn

Other Bands:

– Branâ Keternâ
– Môr Cylch (former member)
– Dornwald (former member)


– Eluveitie: Evocation I – the arcane dominion
– Eluveitie: Slania
– Eluveitie: Spirit
– Eluveitie: Vên
– Branâ Keternâ: Jod
– A Tribute To Falkenbach
– Môr Cylch: Craic
– Folkearth I (as guest musician)
– Musik im Dornwald (as guest musician)
– Roy: Anthems (as guest musician)
– Excelsis: The standing stone (as guest musician)

Favourite Records:

– Belenos: all
– Dark Tranquility: all
– Les frères Rhaddouf: all
– Lunasa: all
– The Bothy Band: all
– At The Gates: Slaughter of the Soul
– In Flames: all
– Entombed: Clandestine
– The Merlons: Sinnlicht
– Forest Of Fog: all
– Windir: all
– Anathema: Serenades & Crestfallen
– Yann Tiersen: Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain
– Emperor: Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
– Thyrfing: Vahnsinnesvisor
– Madder Mortem: Deadlands
– 30 Seconds To Mars: A beautiful lie
– Emilie Autumn: Liar
– Mekong Delta Principle of doubt & The music of Erich Zann

Favourite Books:

– Claude Cueni: Caesars Druid
– Stephen Lawhead: The song of albion
– Eilthireach: A’ Chuibhle Mhór
– Martha Sills-Fuchs: Die Wiederkehr der Kelten
– diverse books on celtic historical researches, indogermanistics, ect.

Favourite Movies:

– Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain
– Les Miserables
– Braveheart
– all of Lukas Moodysson

Favourite Food:

Dark wholegrain bread, cheese (Swiss cheese – especialy Gruyère, Appenzeller and Formaziegi; Feta & sheep/goat cheese in general & 1000 sorts of Brie), salads, mushrooms (morels, boletus and if I can get some: truffles), fresh herbs (swiss herbs, sapsago-clover, thyme, chive, sage, majoram, tarragon, and many more)  and everything else from our garden

Favourite Drinks:

beer/stout, natural (alpine) mineral water, red wine, milk and of course our secret “national drink” Absinthe


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