Album: “Trouble” (2004)  

Locked Up
Trouble Nobody
Bananza (Belly Dancer)
Pot Of Gold
Show Out
When The Time’s Right
Don’t Let Up
I Won’t
Locked Up (Remix)
Easy Road [US Bonus Track]
Gunshot (Fiesta Riddim) [Deluxe Edition]
Senegal [Deluxe Edition]
Keep On Callin’ [Deluxe Edition]
Never Gonna Get It [Deluxe Edition]
Miss Melody [Deluxe Edition]
Baby I’m Back [Deluxe Edition]
Kill The Dance (Got Something For Ya) [Deluxe Edition]

Album: “Konvicted” (2006)  

Shake Down
Blown Away
Smack That
I Wanna Love You
The Rain
Never Took The Time
Mama Africa
I Can’t Wait
Gangsta Bop
Tired Of Runnin’
Once In A While
Don’t Matter
Sorry, Blame It On Me [US Deluxe Edition]
Rush [US Deluxe Edition]
Don’t Matter (Calypso Remix)
Gringo [Bonus Track]
Struggle Everyday [US Circuit City Edition]
Fair To You [US Wal-Mart Edition]
Still Alone [US Wal-Mart Edition]

Album: “Freedom” (2008)  

Right Now (Na Na Na)
Keep You Much Longer
We Don’t Care
I’m So Paid
Holla Holla
Against The Grain
Be With You
Sunny Day
Over The Edge
Clap Again [UK Bonus Track]

Album: “Stadium” (2011)  

Drop Down Low
Give It To ‘Em
Nosy Neighbor
Take It Down Low

Other songs:

Burn That Bridge
Chamak Challo
Chasing You
Ditch Ya Boyfriend
Ghetto (International Remix)
Ghetto (Remix)
Her Shoes
Hold My Hand
I Wanna Fuck You
I’m Sorry
Long Gone
Love Handles
No Labels
No More You
Oh Africa
Party Animal
Saviour Tonite
Smack That (Remix)
So Fly [from “The Longest Yard” soundtrack]
So Special
Time Is Money
Unless We F#*?in
Until U Come Back
Wake Up Call (One More Time)
Wanna Rock


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