–         All we need is your attendance in abrupt call.

–         You’ve to go any places where “K 2mi….” wants.

–         Your support should accompany us at every volunteer program.

–         You must not do an abet.

–         You’ll be ready at all time we need, that means you must come by hook or by crook.

–         “K 2mi….” won’t have the maintenance of you or your family.

–         You won’t make any misbehavior with any agent of “K 2mi….”

–         You will not create misuse of any accessories.

–         All-out efforts, your activities will cease to misdeed.

–         Delinquent agent will be unclassified instantly.

–         “K 2mi….” will not liable to any of your damaged accessories in future.

–         “K 2mi….” is not responsible for any of your criminality.

–         You will not lend or pay to “K 2mi….” If it does, you can’t accuse us without any receipt.

–         “K 2mi….” will never take liability of any serious offense against the law.

–         “K 2mi….” has all rights to do anything without any database of its agent (s).

If this terms can suit you, you can direct register “k 2mi…” by mailing to this address.

Mail us with :

  1. Name,
  2. Father’s name,
  3. Institusion (current)
  4. Class or Level.
  5. Address,
  6. Contact no./E-mail.