Our agents are expired every 3 months. Our several group activities are made by our agent. In a word, “K 2mi….” follows it’s way by its agent (s).

Agent has many advantages during membership period. It’s complicated & the honorary of our agent (s).Even agents get rewarded for their activities.

Q: Which member (s) will be rewarded?

A: Its all about decision of “K 2mi….” & surely after analyzing activities.

To join as an agent, nothing is needed without good working. Everyone is qualified for registration (STD-8) .

We don’t make agitation, Cuz we are the agitation.

Agent (21 persons):

-Id card.

-“K 2mi….” will bear your 21% fees at Akboria, Food park & La-Bamba.

-“K 2mi….” T-Shirt.

-Study scope for two students under your referral.

-Every month an exciting gift for 10 agents. (Chance is luck)

-You can get free expensive accessories for max. 5 days.

(Accessories: HD video camera, Digital camera, Laptop, Projector, Amplifier, Sound system).

-Financial help for abject families by your advice. (Medical)

To join Directorate area:

You have to donate minimum 521$ to join this level.

-Here you’ll never expire.

-You can have free lunch & dinner at several points.

-Accessories for max. 15 days.

-Exciting gifts in every week.

-Free tour with us even outside.

-Referral level will upgraded to 5.

(Next upgrade between 6 months)

– VIP ticket (s) of concert (s).