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oops !

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Helping through….!

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Akhon Rasna, Tang, Nutri-C khaite hobe, shahthor jonno upokar !

Dear dost, apnara eta follow korun & sustho thakun…. But Rasna’r bodole Glucose khele apnar upokar !


Entire of My own k2mi’

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NTSC 5 with ordinary file resolver.Pressure

on several draft that causes impression to


Mission 1 : Rapprochement

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21 July, 2010.

Xbox   5:21 am….

(Keeping eyes on map- General Connor & Major Rex)

Connor :


Rex, ya see that….? That’s’ the house where Anya is kept. There are too

many soldiers. You can’t mess with them alone.

(Command) Everyone keep your Eyes on focus!

Jones, you’ll stay with Rex. And Ezio, when Rex will open the gate, You

must go through the Barrack hall with “Alpha”. And Drake will clear the “watch tower” carefully.

Everyone :

All done!

Rex : But General, where are you leading? Stay secure. We’ll clear our way.

Connor : Best of luck guys. (Command) Everyone get ready. Rex, open the gate.

Rex : Follow my lead……

Ezio : General, I hold my position. Alpha “is just behind me. Now what?

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Waiting for the Result !

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Everyone ready for crying or showing V.

Great job !


Hey !

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It’s empty !

Congrats !

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congratulations to bangladesh team for winning a great match


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Not Alone-published !!

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Our New Programme

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Val lagena !!!

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ami kortesi amr kaj, ar ak verar pal lagse amr pisone .

joto sob utko jhamela.

Aei jonnoi FB’te aste chaini,

shudhu suggestion ar suggestion…

A Thousand Suns Lyrics Released.

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A Thousand Suns

Great News !!!

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I’m gonna tell you all something..

It’s about my marry.I just married last night with………

Sala bangali !

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banglar bangali gali khaowar joggo…

tai na ? kake j vote day nijeo bujhena…

Sala josimer dol…(antu vaiar ktha mone prtese)